Case Studies

We approach each assignment with a search strategy. The strategy that we adopt, is conceived after detailed discussion with our client and incorporate with our in house market intelligence. This strategy will also include a specific target list of organizations that we will put search focus in and the approach we will adopts in identifying and attracting the best fit talent in the industry.

    A US based, global semiconductor company with its regional office base in Singapore had a critical position to fill recently for their Singapore office. They wanted to hire an Alliance Manager who has a proven track record in managing major alliances and at the same time, possesses a strong background understanding on Cisco and its products. The client expressed that they had earlier engaged 3 different search firms in Singapore to fill the position, and had loss valuable time in failing to get the right candidates earlier. They needed us to undertake the search and short-list 2 candidates for them within 48 hours .

    Our Principle Consultant and internal research team went on a marathon 48 hours to pursue and short-list the qualified candidates for this client. She managed exactly that and we successfully closed the position with the client.

    The client later related to us that they engage us as a new search firm as they felt comfortable with our search history and we assigned a Principal Consultant that is a veteran in the industry and they felt has strong networks and their industry understanding.
  • A US based international open source computer software companywith their regional office based in Singapore had two (2) Business Manager positions to be filled recently. They need one of them to be based in Singapore for the Malaysia/Singapore market and another in Bangkok for Thailand market. Their requirements for the positions were generic, requiring the right individual to have the business acumen and relevant experience in the related market place. Their challenge was especially so for the Thailand position as they needed a strong and articulate individual to drive their business in the vibrant Thai economy.

    During the discussion with the client in Singapore to understand their needs, our consultant realized and suggested that what they really needed was an individual who can have the experience in their business, strong respective countries coverage and is conversant in Thai . That way, they can compress their two positions to just one. The challenge is to identify such an individual with the desire background and acumen. Failing which, we will revert to a two positions strategy for different countries. The client fully agree.

    It took our team 2 weeks to identify and shortlist the candidate. This individual is a Thailand nationality, who currently already work in Singapore and has the necessary OEM selling background in the region. They hired the individual immediately and based him in Singapore to cover the 3 countries business.

  • An international Oil & Gas group subsidiary in KL, Malaysia , had recently engaged us to identify an individual to address the India subcontinent market for their up-stream solution in the Oil & Gas industry.

    The client encountered difficulties as their internal hiring team could not leverage on the resources available to them to effectively find the right individual. This was compounded by their stringent criteria in requiring this individual to have a combination of Oil & Gas background experience and have worked in a Consulting environment, specifically with the big "4". They also needed this person to have exposure to the India market.

    This client had worked with us on various occasions where the search was more complex and where the numbers of potential candidates that can do the job in the market were small in the region. This search was especially so for the latter.

    We managed to shortlist the eventually hired candidate within 2 weeks, although the process to interview and meet face to face took longer as both parties were traveling and had scheduling problem inherent to the industry.

  • An international manufacturer recently needed to source talents in the region for their plant operation in Shanghai , Guangdong , Wuxi and Shenzhen in China . They face challenges in getting the "best fit" talents for their organization as the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) is a highly competitive industry worldwide. As they could not get the right skills in China , their regional search for candidates requires relocation and family commitments of the potential candidates, complicate such search.

    Our Consultant did a targeted search within the EMS industry players in the region to identify the right candidates and performed short-listing exercise until the completion of the search assignment. We completed the search and successfully placed candidates for Procurement Managers position for their plants and are ongoing searches for other positions including Material Managers, QA Managers, etc

    Our ability to leverage in the region to uncover talents that are able to undertake such relocation was key to this project.

  • We were approached by an India based investment manager who was setting up offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. They had no idea about the Malaysia recruitment market, specifically the skills and talent we have in Malaysia. After the initial meet-up, we were able to give them insight into the recruitment market in Malaysia, Singapore as well as Indonesia; specifically their competitors in investment management as well as investment administration space.  

    In less than 1 week from our discussion, we were able to direct 9 profiles for their short listing and interview. They then selected and offered their number one choice who accepted the offer immediately. The whole process took approximately 6 weeks in total.  

    From the feedback that we have received, they have been incredibly impressed with our efficiency, approach and general knowledge of the financial market not only in Malaysia but throughout SEA.


  • An international financial institution was seeking for an experienced Sales Director to head up a new business stream the organization initiated. Operating in a niche area of financial services, the number of companies was limited and it was vitally important that all possible candidates were identified and approached. Additionally, as multiple people were being targeted within the same organization, confidentiality was of paramount importance. 

    We spent 2 weeks mapping out the organizational structures within the competitors, before making approaches to the targeted and relevant individuals. 

    The Sales Director was appointed after a number of interviews with the top management of the client. But in addition to that, 2 Regional Sales Managers were also employed as a result of the research and talent mapping that we condone.


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